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Your current home — or the one you may buy down the road — will likely be your biggest purchase. It’s a commitment that could pave your financial future.

If you’re one of the many that renting an apartment or house, either by choice or necessity, you will also find helpful information on CalHomeNews.

CalHomeNews details the housing market and shares the latest real estate news, which has become increasingly difficult to find in daily newspapers and their respective websites. Certainly, there are many well-known real estate websites, but most look at the national housing market overall rather than focus on California.

And, as you likely already know, California is a much different market than the rest of the nation.

The Golden State often enjoys hard-to-believe housing booms — creating some hefty gains for homeowners — but also endures painful housing busts.

But CalHomeNews goes beyond the facts and figures about the housing market. Just as your home is more than an address or simply about appreciation, the website details some of the latest issues and trends while offering some helpful information and tips.

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