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Spring home-buying is for real in much of the state

California homeowners looking for the best price for their home should sell in May or June, the two most profitable months, according to a new report that is the latest evidence that the spring home-buying season is for real.

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By Ron Trujillo/

Home-sellers are always looking for an advantage, an edge to eke out a little more money on a sale. Well, that edge comes in May and June.

Those are the best two months to sell a home in much of California, according to a new ATTOM Data Solutions report.

How much just depends on the market, from as much as 8.3% in Chico to a paltry 1.2% in San Diego. But. hey, every dollar counts — and at current prices, even a percentage point can mean several thousand dollars more in your pocket.

Only a couple regions bucked the best-time-to-sell months of May and June: Salinas in February, Bakersfield, Merced and Santa Barbara in July,  and Visalia-Tulare-Porterville in October.

A look at a few markets and their price gains for those months from 2011 to 2017:

  • Fresno (June), up 4.4%
  • Los Angeles (June), 2.5%
  • Sacramento (June), 3.7%
  • San Diego (June), 1.2%
  • San Francisco-Oakland (May), up 5.4%
  • Santa Rosa (May), up 6.5%

May is also the best month to sell a home nationwide, with a 5.9% increase above the estimated market value. And the best day of the year to sell a home is June 28, with an average seller premium of 9.1%, according to ATTOM Data Solutions.

Of course, California owners selling their home have enjoyed impressive returns regardless of the day — or month.

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What are the greenest neighborhoods in California?

Berkeley? Chico? Davis? Santa Barbara?

Nope, you may never guess. Southern Orange County.

Three neighborhoods in south Orange County cracked Redfin’s Top 10 Neighborhoods for Green Homes. The region better known for beaches, high-end shopping and million-dollar homes is also a rather environmentally friendly area, at least when it comes to new homes.

Baker Ranch, part of the Foothill Ranch area (basically the city of Lake Forest), finished with the sixth-most homes with energy-efficient features, such as solar-panel systems, in the nation. Those green features increase the median-home price by about $48,000 to $1.08 million.

Echo Ridge Village near Rancho Mission Viejo, where 57% of homes have energy-efficient features, finished at No. 7, but no price gains for being green, according to Redfin.

And the Painted Hills neighborhood — think Portola HIlls off Highway 241 — finished at No. 9 nationwide. Painted Hills homeowners with energy-efficient features sold their homes, on average, for $762,500, about $28,000 more than all homes in the neighborhood.

The Malvern neighborhood in Cleveland (Ohio), earned the top spot on the national list, with 66% of homes boasting energy-efficient features. In fact, Cleveland had three neighborhoods on the top 10 list.

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