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Small towns with big appeal

Small towns with big appeal

By Ron Trujillo/

Looking for a cute town in Northern California?

Well, consider Nevada City and Sausalito, according to a report in The website ranks 15 Perfectly Picturesque Small Towns in Northern California.

Nevada City – a foothill community in Nevada County, about an hour east of Sacramento – topped the list.


An early morning in downtown Nevada City.

Sausalito, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, earns the second spot.

The communities are dramatically different, but both offer the slower pace of small towns.

Bodega Bay, Mariposa, Ferndale and Petaluma also made the list.

Maybe one of these towns is just-the-right place for you. But check home prices, job growth (or the jobless rate) and other issues before daydreaming of moving to these pint-sized towns.


High credit scores, low vacancy rates make finding rentals tough

Thinking of renting in San Francisco, the East Bay or San Diego? Think again. You better have excellent credit and a hefty income.

San Francisco, Oakland-Hayward-Berkeley and San Diego-Carlsbad are three of the four most competitive markets in the nation. Orange County and Los Angeles finished at Nos. 7 and 9, respectively, according to the Trulia report.

About 40% of applicants in San Francisco – two of every five – have credit scores of 720 to 850 and almost as many earn more than $100,000 per year. San Francisco has a 1% vacancy rate.

Trulia has some excellent tips for those looking to rent as part of the report.

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