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Will IPOs give Bay Area rents a Lyft?

Newly minted millionaires, thanks to IPOs from Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Pinterest, could greatly affect rents in San Francisco. Also, buying a home to rent may not be the best idea, at least in California.

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Mortgage rates

Long-term mortgage rates remained steady for the period ending June 20, and consumers are responding with a hefty increase in mortgage applications in recent weeks.  
30-year: 3.84% vs. 3.82% a week ago
15-year: 3.25% vs. 3.26% a week ago
Source: Freddie Mac 




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Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Home flipping gains are slowing

The home-flipping craze has been, well, crazy in recent years, thanks to HGTV. But those head-turning gains are becoming more like head-hanging losses.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: More Californians are leaving for Boise, Reno

Affordability and politics, in some cases, are causing more Californians to leave the Golden State for Boise, Reno and other cities in the West.  

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Zillow wants to buy (and) flip your house, for a fee

Online real estate giant Zillow is buying homes in several markets nationwide, with the goal of making minor fixes that generate nifty profits. 

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