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  • Median price: $758,990 in March, up 23.9% from a year ago.
  • Homes sold: 446,410 homes in March, up 19.7% from a year ago.
  • Days on the market: 8 days in March, down from 15 days a year ago.
  • Mortgage rates: 2.98% for a 30-year loan, up from 2.97% a week ago. Last year, the rate was 3.23%. (Source: Freddie Mac)

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Plus, Danville may be the safest city in the state, but Orange County has six of the top 10. Here is why a housing bubble is unlikely, for now. And Fannie and Freddie will be less friendly for buyers of second and vacation homes.

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Plus, a $15,000 down payment assistance program would help some renters become homeowners, homeownership rates slip in some cities and improve in others, home equity tops $54,000, and the happiest cities in the state.

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